The Dangers of Crib Bumper Pads

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Crib bumper pads have been around for a long time. when they were believed of as a required security tool for new parents. They believed that the bumper pads would assist avoid their infant from hitting his head against the crib rails. Today, health and wellness professionals as well as unexpected infant death Syndrome understanding groups suggest that parents do not utilize bumper pads at all. basic bumper pads can cause a higher danger for your child’s safety. They can result in suffocation, strangulation as well as even death.

Still parents frequently encounter issues concerning crib safety. Older cribs have slats that may be as well far apart as well as infants can get their limbs stuck in between them. When we transferred our youngest from the bassinet to his crib he ended up in that situation. He handled to wiggle himself around up until he had one leg sticking out of the crib as well as his arm as well as side were stuck in between the mattress as well as the crib. during one specific nap time he did this four times! Of program this frightened me half to death as well as I understood I had to do something.

I understood that there had to be a product that might safeguard him from the crib rails without the danger of strangulation or suffocation. I had my “ah ha” moment when I discovered Breathable infant products.

Breathable infant crib bumpers reduces the danger of suffocation, keeps your baby‘s arms as well as legs inside the crib, has collapsible material to avoid climbing, promotes airflow as well as breathability, has no harmful ties or strings, adjustable fasteners, will relocation with a decrease rail, as well as can be tucked below the mattress for additional protection.

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The fit together material is soft as well as light. It likewise fits all basic sized cribs. The very first night that I had CJ in his crib with the Breathable infant crib bumper pads he slept all the method with the night. I likewise slept simpler understanding that he was safe.

This year healthy mothers is going to have even much more fun giveaways by announcing “Our preferred things Giveaways.” I will compose an short article about a product that I bought myself for either myself or my youngsters that I absolutely loved. then as a special say thanks to you to my faithful visitors I will provide away that exact same product as well as once again purchase the prize myself.

You can win your own Breathable infant crib bumper pads by leaving us a comment.

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